What are the 5 most important family office hubs globally?

What are the 5 most important family office hubs globally?

Family offices are integral to global wealth management, offering bespoke services to high-net-worth families. Certain cities around the world have become key hubs for these family offices, thanks to their favorable business climates, financial expertise, and quality of life. This article highlights the top five global hubs for family offices.

1. New York City, United States

Overview: As a financial capital, New York City hosts numerous family offices. Its status as a global finance leader makes it a top choice for family wealth management. An example here is the Dell Single Family Office.

Advantages: Access to top financial institutions, a diverse talent pool, and significant networking opportunities in finance and business.

2. London, United Kingdom

Overview: London’s historical and cultural significance, combined with its financial services expertise, makes it a preferred location for family offices. An exemplary, major single family office from London is the Corniche Group.

Advantages: A global financial center, London offers robust legal and fiscal frameworks, diverse investment opportunities, and a central location for international families.

3. Zurich, Switzerland

Overview: Known for its stability, privacy, and strong financial sector, Zurich is a leading hub for family offices in Europe. An important example here is the Jacobs Holding.

Advantages: Political and economic stability, stringent privacy laws, and expertise in wealth management and private banking.

4. Hong Kong

Overview: As a gateway to Asia, Hong Kong is a strategic location for family offices looking to invest in the Asian markets.

Advantages: Proximity to emerging Asian markets, a favorable tax environment, and a blend of Eastern and Western business practices.

5. Singapore

Overview: Singapore’s favorable regulatory environment and strategic location in Southeast Asia make it an attractive hub for family offices.

Advantages: Political stability, a business-friendly environment, strong regulatory frameworks, and access to the growing markets of the ASEAN region.


These global hubs offer unique advantages for family offices, from access to major financial markets and investment opportunities to political stability and favorable regulatory environments. Their prominence underscores the increasingly global nature of family wealth management.

Picture source: Matteo Catanese

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