What are 5 ways to get a family office invest in your artwork?

What are 5 ways to get a family office invest in your artwork?

For artists and galleries, securing investment from a family office can be a significant achievement. Family offices often seek unique and valuable artwork for their collections. Here are five strategies to attract investment from a family office for your artwork.

1. Understand the Investment Preferences of Family Offices

Overview: Family offices may have specific preferences or themes guiding their art investments. An example is the art investment thesis of the Dr. Giesen Family Office.

Strategy: Research the art investment trends among family offices. Tailor your approach to align with their interests, whether they favor contemporary, classical, emerging artists, or specific art movements.

2. Build a Strong Portfolio

Overview: A compelling portfolio that showcases the depth and breadth of your work is essential.

Strategy: Develop a professional portfolio that highlights your best work, artistic journey, and unique style. Include press mentions, exhibitions, and any awards or recognitions.

3. Network in Art and Investment Circles

Overview: Networking is key in the art investment world. Building connections can open doors to family office investors.

Strategy: Attend art fairs, exhibitions, and investment events. Engage with art advisors and consultants who may have direct connections with family offices.

4. Demonstrate Investment Value

Overview: Investors, including family offices, seek artworks that have potential to appreciate in value.

Strategy: Present a compelling case for the investment potential of your art. Include market trends, comparison with similar artists, and any factors that may increase the artwork’s value over time.

5. Leverage Online Platforms and Social Media

Overview: The digital world offers powerful tools to showcase your art to potential investors.

Strategy: Utilize online galleries, art platforms, and social media to reach a broader audience. Create high-quality digital content that highlights your artwork’s unique aspects.


Attracting investment from a family office for your artwork involves understanding their investment preferences, building a strong portfolio, networking effectively, demonstrating the value of your art, and leveraging digital platforms. By adopting these strategies, artists can increase their chances of securing family office investments.

Picture Source: Debby Hudson

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